Take Your Dog to Dinner at a Dog Friendly Restaurant We love our dogs and sometimes with our busy schedules we want to find ways to spend more time with them.  Why not take your dog to dinner with you?  We’ve compiled a list of our top 5 dog friendly restaurants in West Midtown Atlanta. Read More »

Time to Pamper Your Pooch to Reduce their Stress It’s National Stress Awareness Month and we often think of ways to reduce the stress in our daily lives.  As we dog parents know, our furry best friends can be a significant stress reducer.  Just cuddling with them and petting them can immediately calm you. Our Read More »

Where to Find Pet Grooming Supplies So Fido is getting a little scruffy. Pet grooming professionals are very expensive and sometimes you will not get the desired results that you wish and first place. Home pet grooming has become a fad in the last 10 years. The question asked most by the novice pet groomer Read More »

How To Fight Fleas The natural way: • Vacuum your home frequently and seal vacuum bags before disposing. • Wash the bedding of your dog weekly in warm soapy water. This is where fleas usually breed. • Bathing your pet weekly with a mild dog shampoo prevents flea invasion. • Use cedar shampoo for your Read More »

Eliminating Problem Dog Behaviors With Proper Training If you are completely new to the world of < a href=https://atlantadogspa.com/services/dog-training/>dog training< /a>, then you are probably thinking that some tips on the best ways to train your dog is going to help you immensely, so that you can teach your dog how to behave. Listed below Read More »

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The Record of Animal Grooming Pet grooming is a common technique in our society. Individuals do not even reconsider of investing hundreds of bucks having their pet dogs combed and bathed by a pet grooming professional. It is such a typical connivance that lots of people fail to remember the past of what made this Read More »

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High Pet Spending Spurs New Breed Of Products A growing admiration for pets has Americans buying increasingly creative pet products, from self-washing, toilet bowl-shaped cat litter boxes and dog strollers to tennis ball-launching doggie golf-club drivers, treat launchers and high-tech clippers. These hot new products and hundreds of others were unveiled at Global Pet Expo, Read More »