Professional Dog Training Atlanta

It is safe to say that you and your family adore your pet, however there may be times your pet does not follow commands, leaps on visitors, or displays aggressive or destructive behavior. From the simpler to the more complex of behavioral or listening problems, the solution is within your reach.

With our training and supervision, your dog’s behavior can be modified so that he/she can behave in a proper manner- without taking away the happy pet you love. Rest assured, we do not use violence or harsh techniques, nor do we utilize treats, food, or material rewards in training. Instead, we use verbal communication, body language, redirection, praise, and positive reinforcement.

Training includes basic manners and obedience commands (i.e. “sit”, “stay”, “down”, etc.), listening skills and leash management, as well as behavioral modification as needed (i.e. jumping, chewing, aggression, etc.) Our goal is to work with you and your pet so that you may lead healthy, peaceful lives together.

Our Trainers

Mark CPT

Mark Spivak President and Head Trainer for Comprehensive Pet Therapy (CPT).

Mark has trained dogs seriously for 24 years. Mark has titled his personal dogs in AKC obedience, ASCA obedience, and Schutzhund. In the process he has received multiple ribbons, plaques, medals, and placements, including a Regional championship and invitations to prestigious national events. In addition, Mark has coached the CPT Competition Team that has achieved victories and placements at all levels of obedience competition.

For information on getting your dog certified as a Canine Good Citizen, we recommend Mark Spivak at Comprehensive Pet Therapy. CPT training facility is located in Sandy Springs on Roswell Rd. Comprehensive Pet Therapy also offers agility classes.

  • Private instruction: $70 per hour.
  • Private packages: $500 – 8 one-hour lessons.
  • AGILITY Group class: $180 – 8 one-hour meetings.
  • Prerequisites: Intermediate Obedience or instructor’s approval.

CPT agility students may also purchase practice time at CPT’s Sandy Springs training center. In contrast, with our competitors, one of the barriers to agility progress is access to equipment and facilities. Fortunately, CPT helps our agility students overcome the significant obstacle of practice time, which results in superior progress and greater enjoyment.

For more information and to make an appointment to meet with a trainer please contact us at (678) 712-3449.