No bones about it, we are considered by our clients as the best dog day care in Atlanta! From the moment your dog arrives, he/she will be treated like royalty. Here is a typical day…

  • Your canine companion checks in and puts any personal items such as treats and leash in his/her own locker.
  • One of our staff will escort your dog to either one of our grassy play yards or our indoor playrooms where he/she will run and play with other dogs of his/her size & temperament. Your dog will play until lunchtime. You can view your pooch 24/7 on our doggie cams. You can also download the mobile doggy ap available on Iphone and Android smartphones.
  • Our play groups are very small and intimate to ensure attention to your dog’s needs. A canine handler will lavish each group of dogs with lots of love and attention.
  • Around noon all dogs will come into the spa lodging areas and watch a dog friendly movie, eat a snack/lunch and nap until 1:00pm. Then right back  to play with friends until pick-up.
  • Dogs entering the spa after 10:00am are not required the one hour break.
  • During inclement or hot weather your canine will play and watch movies in one of our indoor playrooms.

The main goal at our daycare is to provide a safe and fun place for your dog to exert all his/her energy.

In an effort to better serve our clients, we have provided a brief Client Profile. If you would like to tell us a little bit about you and your pet, please download and complete the profile document.

Daycare Rates

Regular Daycare Rates:

Full Day: $16 – 28.00
Half-Day $22(up to 6 hours)

1st Day Free**

  • Full Day: (with 10 day pass) $21.00
  • Full Day (with 30 day pass) $18.00
  • Full Day (with 50 day pass) $16.00
  • Full Day $28.00
  • Half-Day (up to 6 hours) $22.00

Multi-Day Passes:

  • 10 day pass $225 for 1 dog
  • 10 day pass $195 for 2 dogs
  • 30 day pass $550 for 1 dog
  • 30 day pass $495 for 2 dogs

The 10 day pass expires 30 days from the date of purchase.

The 30 day pass expires 60 days from the date of purchase.

Trial Day/Temperament Evaluation: Required for all new dogs $35–includes daycare on the first visit.

Rates for 2 or More Dogs in Daycare:
Full Day: $20.00 ea.
Half-Day: $18.00 ea.

Pick-up/Delivery Rates*:
One-way: $15.00 to $20.00
Round Trip: $30.00

*Pick Up & Delivery Routes are limited to  Midtown, Downtown/Inman Park, VA Highlands, East Atlanta & Buckhead.

**With purchase of any daycare or boarding pass

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Dog Daycare Benefits

At Doggie Daycare, your dog will exercise and socialize with other dogs. As a result, you’ll have a happy, more fit dog. Activity level at Doggie Daycare will also help eliminate boredom behavior such as chewing and barking.

Also, Doggie Daycare is a good solution for separation anxiety, youngsters with tons of energy, and older dogs who need to go outside more often. We give an afternoon snack (you can bring your own), for free while your dog is with us and can accommodate special needs. If your dog requires medication while staying at the spa, there will be $2 fee per day for this service. Our staff is trained to give injections such as insulin.

The playground at our Dog Day Care is all natural grass. Many dogs like to be outside even when the weather is bad, so we go out every day. If dogs choose to be inside, we have several indoor play areas and movie rooms.  Many dogs go in and out during the day, to rest, watch a dog-friendly movie in our living room, cool off or warm up as the case may be. We have detailed weather plans upon request.

There is a careful introduction of newcomers to keep everyone happy and safe. Atlanta Dog Spa requires a temperament evaluation on the first visit to ensure that your canine is assigned to appropriate play group. We require all dogs to be nonabrasive in their behavior towards other canine clients as well as all staff members.

When To Start Dog Day Care:
We accept dogs 4 months and older who have completed their shots and have received a bordatella(required every 6 months) vaccine — this one you usually have to request as it is not always given with puppy shots. All shots must be kept current. Please have your vet fax over your pet’s current vaccines to 404-873-3447.


All dogs entering our facility must be nonabrasive. Therefore, we require that any male dog 8 months or older be neutered. Many dogs that cannot play with other dogs, when their owners participate, can very often be worked with and play fine at daycare. All dogs must pass a temperament test by one of our trained staff members.  Pit Bulls, or Bull Mastiffs are not allowed at the spa.

Only spayed and neutered dogs are accepted with the exception of puppies under 8 months. Also, please be sure to bring your pets most recent shot records including bordetella (kennel cough) vaccination. Please note many veterinarians administer the Bordatella vaccination only by request. Vaccinations must be by a licensed veterinarian and must be current 24 hours before the pet arrives.[/learn_more]

Please refer to our Information & Policies for further requirements.