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Time to Pamper Your Pooch to Reduce their Stress

It’s National Stress Awareness Month and we often think of ways to reduce the stress in our daily lives.  As we dog parents know, our furry best friends can be a significant stress reducer.  Just cuddling with them and petting them can immediately calm you.

Our focus is often on reducing our stress, which is understandable with the increase in our daily pressures that can be overwhelming. We here at the Atlanta Dog Spa wanted to focus on our best friends, our dogs! We want to share ways to reduce your dog’s stress.

They help us reduce our stress, why not help them out a bit too?!?  We came up with several ways to pamper and celebrate our best friends.  Which ones will you be doing this month, and do you have any you would add?


We love massages, why wouldn’t our dogs, too?  Take a break and sit on the sofa with them and give them a good ole fashioned massage!  The close interaction will increase oxytocin in both you and your dog.  That’s a double whammy!

This is the one thing your dog craves, more time with YOU!

New Toy

Maybe their squeaky ball or stuffed cat are looking a little worse for wear.  Why not pick up a new toy and spend some quality time playing with them?

Blueberry Please!

Has your dog ever gotten a blueberry facial?  This is the perfect time to book it at the Atlanta Dog Spa.  Our Lavish Spa Blueberry Facial contains blueberries, aloe vera, avocado, coconut oil and a few more blueberries!

Your dog will love how hydrating it is, and the antioxidants will rejuvenate their skin.  Dry and itchy skin will come out healthy and shiny!

When you pick them up from their spa day, you will love how bright and sweet smelling they are.  This will most definitely be an occasion for more puppy kisses!

Special Treat

Have you ever made your dog a homemade treat? The weather is getting warmer and you know your best friend will love a cold treat and this one is easy to make!

Carob Chip Dog Ice Cream Recipe

Time with their friends

There’s a reason our clients consider us as the best dog daycare in Atlanta.  Your dog is treated like royalty during their stay.

Dogs need some downtime to play with their friends too.  With our natural grass play areas with doggie pools for the warm months, your dog will be in heaven!

They’ll have plenty of sun, shade and friends to run play with.  Once they’ve gotten some of their energy out of them, they can curl up on the sofa and watch a movie. And then run play again! Reserve your dog’s daycare and boarding stay today!

What do you think?  How will you be pampering your pooch this month to help alleviate their stress and relax them?