Cute Beagle getting microchipped

Cute Beagle getting microchipped

Be Prepared, Microchip Your Pet

One of the most terrifying moments of a pet parent’s life is when their beloved fur baby goes missing.  The best way to get your pet back as quickly as possible is to be prepared. This includes an ID tag and making sure you microchip your pet.

Tag, You’re It!

You’ve probably seen the cute ID tags that say something along the lines of “Please call my mom! She’s UGLY crying right now!”.  Funny, but probably very accurate.

Make sure your dog has a tag and that your contact information is correct. If you’ve moved or your number has changed, it’s time to get a new tag. You may want to check out these new durable, glow-in-the-dark tags as seen on Shark Tank.

Cute dogs playing at Atlanta Dog daycare


August 15th is National Check the Chip Day.   First, your dog should be microchipped. There isn’t any surgery or anesthesia involved, it’s a very minor procedure.  The microchip is about the size of a grain of rice and is implanted in the neck with a needle.  It’s similar to what your dog feels when getting a vaccine.  It’s that easy!

You might think that an ID Tag alone will be enough and that a microchip isn’t necessary, however what if you are bathing your dog and have taken his collar off and he gets away and runs off?

This happens more than you would think.  It’s also why having your dog professionally groomed and/or bathed is a good idea.  The Atlanta Dog Spa has numerous latched gates that must be opened before getting to the outside.  You’ve seen some when you bring your dog in for daycare and boarding.

Don’t forget that you can always login to our doggie cams and check in on your dog.

Dog security cameras at Atlanta Dog Spa

Collars can also get caught on bushes and fences and may snap off.  This is why it’s best to have a pet ID tag and also have them microchipped as well.

Once your pet is microchipped, you need to complete the information with the microchip company to make sure they have your current contact information.

If your pet is already chipped, then go ahead and take a moment to “Check the Chip” and make sure your information is accurate.  You can do this by entering their chip number in the American Animal Hospital Association has a Universal Pet Microchip Lookup database.

If you don’t know their chip number, ask your vet to scan them for you. Many vets already do this and will have the chip number in your file.

Enlist Help

If the worst-case scenario ever happens, you are often so frantic that you can barely think clearly.  That’s why it’s a good idea to have a current picture readily accessible on your phone to share. That’s probably an easy one, we know your phone is full of pictures of your pets.

There are many local and online avenues that you can share your pet’s photo and information, including Facebook Pages and Groups, NextDoor, Local rescues and the animal shelter. There are also services like Helping Lost Pets and Fido Finder that will help create a flyer and share the information online.

Prevention is Key

We’ve all heard the saying, “A Tired Dog is a Good Dog” and this one of the many benefits of dog daycare.  Your pooch will spend the day playing with their friends and be worn out afterward.  They’ll only be thinking of their bedtime story. You can view our recent Facebook Live at dog daycare below to see all of their fun shenanigans!


Did you know that loud noises are the most common reason pets run off?  In fact, more dogs go missing New Years and July 4th than any other time of year.  Keep them safe by not taking them out to parties and keeping them at home or boarding them.

We know how scared they can get, that’s why we always have a caretaker come in and sit with the dogs to make sure everyone is ok while fireworks are going off.

Please make it a priority to microchip your pet.