Keeping your dog’s teeth clean can be a daunting ordeal. For instance, some dogs hate getting their teeth cleaned and make it a hassle to get it done at home. For dogs that give their owners a hard time with a toothbrush, then dental scraping might seem like the next best thing. However, dental scraping can be pricey and comes with many risks due to anesthesia. A lot of dog owners overlook the importance of keeping their pet’s oral hygiene in good condition but for a healthy life, it is necessary to prevent tooth loss and oral disease. In this post, we will be exploring options other than tooth brushing or dental scraping for your fellow pup. So, let’s get into the tips and tricks for keeping your dog’s teeth healthy.

Fun Ways to Keep Your Dogs Teeth Clean

Here are some fun and affordable things we’ve put together! There is a method on this list that is bound to keep you and your pup happy during the teeth cleaning process.

1.Tooth Wipes

Tooth wipes can be super easy if your dog allows you to put your fingers in its mouth. You simply rub the wipe along the edges of the teeth and gums. Dental wipes can remove plaque buildup, bacteria that causes bad breath, and tartar buildup

2. Natural Dental Sprays

These sprays will do the same thing as the tooth wipes mentioned above except in spray form. All you have to do is lift your dog’s lips and spray on both sides and in the front.

3. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has antimicrobial properties that promote dental health and also tastes yummy to dogs. This natural solution has also been called ‘nature’s toothpaste’. The best way to use coconut oil for your dogs teeth is to take a carrot (or another dog-friendly vegetable) and poke holes in it to put the coconut oil in. If the coconut oil is very liquidy upon putting it in the vegetable you can place it in the freezer to have it solidify more

4. Dental Treats

Dental treats can come in all sizes, shapes, and flavors that your dog is sure to love them. These special treats clean, freshen breath and remove plaque buildup

5. Plaque Removing Powder or Chew

 Finding a natural supplement in either the form of a powder or chew can help prevent bad breath, tartar, and plaque buildup. The natural compound that is in most of these products come out through the saliva and work to soften hard tartar that forms on the teeth and gums.

Additional Resources

This list offers many great alternatives for cleaning your dog’s teeth at home. Keeping your dog’s teeth healthy is imperative to overall health. Making an extra effort is sure to make for a happy pet.


If you still have questions or concerns you can visit your local dog daycare or dog grooming service. Find out about teeth cleaning services provided and see if you can schedule a demonstration.