roryblogphotoYour Dog and your Groomer–A Note from Anais our amazing & talented canine stylist:
As you may know, grooming is a very important part of your dogs life. The relationship they have with their  groomer is important as well as the relationship they have with you as their pet parent.
We as groomers are here to inform you on your dog’s grooming visit for their well being and protection. We get to know your dog over the years so we are familiar with their personality and traits. We may find unusual changes in their behavior, skin and body physic during their grooming visit that we can be able to inform you about.
Grooming instructions are not always the only thing you can discuss with us. You may want us to watch out for them more carefully if they have recently had surgery, old age, in training or simply because they are recently behaving strangely; Afterall every dog does have it’s day.  
Getting to even know us better may also place your mind at ease. Knowing credentials and experience as well as our pets makes the relationship more comfortable.  A direct phone number or email address can help with a needed status update on your dog during their visit; whether that may be a picture or simply a quick call to check on them.
Knowing your dog is being taken care of by someone else when you are out of they’re reach is always important. You should never hesitate to want to learn more about their extended caregivers. 
Grooming is a necessity to your dogs health, coat and skin care and will be a very active part in their lives.  Get to know and understand that part by asking any or whatever questions, comments or concerns you may have.  We Groomers are here to serve your dogs grooming aspects as well as provide you with any help that we may be able to oblige during their monthly visits to us.