What’s the best option with choosing dog boarding facilities over online boarding services?

For dog lovers, every day with their canine pals is a vacation and choosing a dog boarding  facility can be a difficult task. Many of them eat, sleep, and play with their pets daily, so leaving them for any period of time can be stressful. Trouble finding a safe and loving environment to board them just adds to dog owner trauma. Many turn to traditional pet boarding facilities and veterinarian services when they must leave their pets, but more people are considering services such as Rover.com and DogVacay.com as less expensive alternatives.

Though both of these services have their fans, they work in basically the same way. Dog sitters and potential clients all register at the online site. Potential sitters list their services and prices, explaining whether they will keep the pets at their home or come to the client’s residence. They detail their qualifications, whether they have dogs of their own, and any other helpful information.

The potential clients enter their location and the services they require, so the system can match them with sitters in their area. They then compare the available sitters, read their reviews, and contact those individuals who meet their needs. The websites allow for negotiations between owner and, and a meet and greet can be arranged. Once an agreement has been reached, payment is made through the website, and the sitter receives her pay only after the service is completed. The online sites keep a service fee and do have policies in place to take care of disputes and dissatisfied customers. They may also offer policies for purchase to cover any injuries that dogs may experience during their stay.

The advantages of DogVacay.com and Rover.com are obvious. Dog owners can easily locate convenient overnight care close to home, and in some instances, find sitters who will come to their homes. They can negotiate prices and conditions, meet the sitter before making a commitment, and give their pet a doggie-friendly experience that may include a big backyard and pet friends with which to play. The prices are often significantly lower than some boarding facilities, and pet sitters can offer more one-on-one attention to pets.

Beware when choosing between Dog Boarding options

The disadvantages are also obvious. No special training is required of pet sitters who register. They simply list their qualifications and offer their services. Reviews by customers are helpful, but pet owners must trust that the dog sitter is being honest. They can meet the sitter and inspect her home and yard, but these dog parents still are placing their beloved pet in the hands of a stranger. Rover.com and DogVacay have detailed terms of service that prevent them from being held liable for problems that may occur. Basically, dog owners are on their own if something happens to their pet while in the care of a dog sitter found on these sites.

Traditional dog boarding facilities and veterinarian offices may cost more and offer pets less freedom during their stays, but they do have distinct advantages over using Rover.com and other similar services. These are established businesses with community ties and professional reputations to protect. They have to maintain a pristine record in order to survive. The only way to cultivate such a reputation is to deliver reliable, caring service to their pet clients on a daily basis.

These facilities do require significant overhead, as all businesses do, but this overhead allows them to give their pet clients excellent, consistent care. They have clean and safe cages and kennels, staff to monitor and exercise the animals, and access to immediate medical care. In addition to these advantages, the businesses have insurance to cover their liability if, heaven forbid, anything happens to these pets while under their care. They are also accountable to city, state, and federal regulations, which adds to their operating expenses but also helps insure that the pets under their care are safe.

Dog Boarding

Dog Boarding

Pets often have a long-term relationship with their vet or boarding facility, so the professionals at these places know the dogs and have their medical history available. It’s similar to having a licensed daycare provider care for a child versus having an unlicensed person do it. Dog owners want their pets placed where they are safest, and that often means the traditional boarding facilities.

One Of The Best Features Of Traditional Dog Boarding Facilities

Many traditional boarding facilities have installed web cams allowing pet owners to view their pets from anywhere they have access to an online connection. Dog owners like being able to check on their pet’s welfare while they are away from home. This is a feature that online services such as Rover and DogVacay do not offer their patrons.

Sites like Rover.com and DogVacay.com do offer their clients some significant advantages, including low prices and convenience. Also, finding someone who can provide a home-like atmosphere for their pets is tempting for the owners. Some people are even comfortable having sitters come to their homes, which is also an option on these sites. Obviously, these internet matching services are seductive.

Traditional dog boarding  facilities might be the best choice

Traditional dog boarding venues provide safe, consistent and professional dog care services, which are the most important considerations for people leaving their pets. For many people, their dogs are like their children, and these same people would not leave their offspring with unlicensed strangers. For safety reasons, traditional dog boarding facilities is a better choice.