Cute Beagle getting microchipped

Be Prepared, Microchip Your Pet One of the most terrifying moments of a pet parent’s life is when their beloved fur baby goes missing.  The best way to get your pet back as quickly as possible is to be prepared. This includes an ID tag and making sure you microchip your pet. Tag, You’re It! Read More »

If you have a brief or smooth-haired pet dog, you will not need to fret about matted hair. However medium and long-haired dogs do get twisted or matted hair from burs, paint, tar, chewing gum or other sticky or irritable things. Dried food will likewise add to matted hair, and this prevails in pups and Read More »

It’s officially summer, and the temperatures outside already feel like we’re in the Dog Days. You know how to keep yourself cool and comfortable in the heat, but what about your dog? Dogs handle the heat and sweat very differently than humans, and these tips will help Fido stay cool right along with you.   Read More »

Dog Grooming– It’s Not Just for Poodles Anymore Preserving a routine grooming schedule will assist to keep your pet dog both healthy and delighted. Regular dog grooming will guarantee that your canine is totally free of parasites, has healthy skin and a glossy coat, and has excellent dental health. Just a real canine enthusiast desires Read More »

Your Dog and your Groomer–A Note from Anais our amazing & talented canine stylist:   As you may know, grooming is a very important part of your dogs life. The relationship they have with their  groomer is important as well as the relationship they have with you as their pet parent.   We as groomers Read More »

A note from our Groomer about Brushing and Combing Basics for at home care:   Brushing removes dead hair from the coat before it mats and stimulates the skin. Using the proper brush stroke is very important and productive.    For all dogs, make sure to brush from the skin out past the ends of Read More »

A note from our Groomer:   Facts about Double Coated Dogs   Double coats, also known as undercoat, are very fine, fluffy hairs closest to the skin. Double coats  insulate the dog. It is their raincoat.  This keeps them warm in the winter and cool in the summer.   Many dog owners believe Long-haired, double-coated Read More »

A note from our groomer :   You may have a breed of dog that requires ear plucking. If not ear plucking, the ears should be routinely checked and cleaned at least once a month. Many breeds have an over growth of hair inside the ear canal. If there is an excess of hair, some Read More »

 Dog hair can be difficult to understand.  All dogs are of different breeds and their coats have different hair textures and styles.   To comb and brush your dog is beneficial to their appearance as well as their  health.  When hair gets too tangled due to lack of combing and brushing it can cause severe Read More »

Small Dogs With Hypoallergenic Fur Are you a dog lover? Do you live in an apartment or small home? Do you have allergies? A small dog with hypoallergenic fur might be the answer for you. “Hypo” is a Greek suffix meaning less or below. A hypoallergenic dog might still put out allergens, but at a Read More »