brushingphotoblog combingphotoblogA note from our Groomer about Brushing and Combing Basics for at home care:
Brushing removes dead hair from the coat before it mats and stimulates the skin. Using the proper brush stroke is very important and productive. 
For all dogs, make sure to brush from the skin out past the ends of the hair without flipping your wrist. 
For long haired breeds, divide the coat into small sections and brush from the skin outward, working from head to tail, section by section. 
Light misting with water lets the brush move smoothly through the coat and helps keep the longer outer coat from breaking.  
It is important that after brushing you follow up with a comb. this is to ensure you are not just brushing the top layer of your dogs coat. you can use the same stoke techniques as when using a brush. 
A slicker brush and a stainless steel comb with rounded pins are great tools for the job. Regular brushing and combing at home will make for a more pleasant grooming experience for your dog and the groomer. For a complimentary consultation with our groomer, Anais, contact us at 404~879~1600.