Keeping your dog’s teeth clean can be a daunting ordeal. For instance, some dogs hate getting their teeth cleaned and make it a hassle to get it done at home. For dogs that give their owners a hard time with a toothbrush, then dental scraping might seem like the next best thing. However, dental scraping Read More »

  Summer and Fall is quickly approaching. This is excited because these are some of the best times to take your dogs on an array of different hikes located in and near the Atlanta area. Dog’s love walking and there’s nothing they love more than walking in the wilderness. There’s just so much to see, Read More »

Summer is here and these few months in Atlanta can get uncomfortably hot at times, and dangerous for pets and people alike. It’s important to take precautions during the summer to ensure that your dog is comfortable and safe. While the summer brings many more opportunities for outdoor play and bonding, it’s necessary to keep Read More »

There is a misconception that most dogs are natural born swimmer, but this actually isn’t the case. Some dogs are easy to pick up on swimming while others need to be taught. If done safely, teaching a dog to swim can be beneficial for burning energy, and beating the summer heat! It’s also a great Read More »

Cute Beagle getting microchipped

Be Prepared, Microchip Your Pet One of the most terrifying moments of a pet parent’s life is when their beloved fur baby goes missing.  The best way to get your pet back as quickly as possible is to be prepared. This includes an ID tag and making sure you microchip your pet. Tag, You’re It! Read More »

Best of Atlanta, cute beagle

Atlanta Dog Spa Receives 2018 Best of Atlanta Award We are honored to announce that we received the 2018 Best of Atlanta Award for Boarding & Daycare by the Atlanta Award Program. This is the 10th consecutive year we’ve received this award, which means we are now in their Business Hall of Fame! Thank you Read More »

Cute Dog Adoption Story

Once an Abandoned Dog, Cadi Finds her Forever Home April 10th was a regular day at the Atlanta Dog Spa in West Midtown, dogs of all sizes and ages being brought in for boarding, grooming and dog daycare.  A sweet girl named Cadi was among those that was brought in for what was supposed to Read More »

Take Your Dog to Dinner at a Dog Friendly Restaurant We love our dogs and sometimes with our busy schedules we want to find ways to spend more time with them.  Why not take your dog to dinner with you?  We’ve compiled a list of our top 5 dog friendly restaurants in West Midtown Atlanta. Read More »

Time to Pamper Your Pooch to Reduce their Stress It’s National Stress Awareness Month and we often think of ways to reduce the stress in our daily lives.  As we dog parents know, our furry best friends can be a significant stress reducer.  Just cuddling with them and petting them can immediately calm you. Our Read More »

A Beagle's Adoption was the Inspiration for Atlanta Dog Spa 2

Did you know a Beagle Adoption was the Beginning of the Atlanta Dog Spa? Founder and owner of the Atlanta Dog Spa, Sarah Segal, recently spoke with Voyage Atlanta to share the story of how her business was conceived from her passion for animals and one beagle in particular, Boomer. “In April of 2002, I Read More »