Our family discovered the Atlanta Dog Spa in 2004 for Dice, our newly rescued Samoyed/Border Collie mix after an extensive online search and a personal visit.  We knew Atlanta Dog Spa was "the place" after meeting the attentive and caring staff of doggie caregivers and getting familiar with the wonderful facilities.

Our trio of pups have attended school (as we call it) at least once every week. They have so much fun and practically beg to go to school every morning.

It’s obvious to me that the Atlanta Dog Spa is wonderful for everyone: us as parents, our pets and the dedicated professional caregivers that comprise the staff as well.  Everyone at the Spa seems to truly enjoy what they do, exuding a PASSION for taking care of our loved ones.

Thanks Atlanta Dog Spa!

Joe G., Dice, Hayden and M.K.

"If I had to count all the reasons why I absolutely LOVE Atlanta Dog Spa, I would run out of space and develop some serious finger cramps. My four-legged child, Lucky, has been going to ADS for Doggie Daycare and Boarding since a month after I adopted him in 2002. From day one, Sarah and her team put me completely at ease with leaving him in their care. Sarah's love for dogs shows through not only in her action, but the care and attention her staff gives to every single dog lucky enough to spend time there. They truly do treat every dog like their own. I can't imagine taking Lucky any where else. We Heart ADS!"  - Tondra V. and Lucky

"My boxer, Simms and I love the Atlanta Dog Spa!!!  Simms can't wait to get there each day to see his canine friends and the staff who take wonderful care of each and every dog.  I can spend a long day at work knowing that my boy is well cared for, getting his exercise and having fun!!!"

I am watching all your guests (dogs) enjoying the nice weather in Atlanta this morning. I'm on the way to Minneapolis and watching this during my flight (at 38,000 feet in the air)....

Lucy looks like she's having a great time! Now I know why she 'passes out' when she gets home at night... all the running and playing

Thank you again for taking care of our special pet.

Howard Hapner

Dear Atlanta Dog Spa Team,

Jack and Charlie want to thank you for always making them feel at home when they visit. When we pull up in the ADS driveway, they both jump in my lap and are pawing at the window to get out! My pups are like celebrities when we arrive, the entire staff knows them and are excited to see them. I recall one time that I came to pick them up and Jak wouldn't leave Stephanie's lap to come home with me!

Thank you for everything you do to make their stay comfortable and enjoyable!

Michelle Kelley

Dear Atlanta Dog Spa,

Mocha has been a part of your family since she was a six month old puppy and now she is almost 4 years old. She absolutely loves it !!! Not once has she refused to go to daycare or stay overnight for sleepovers, she even gets her grooming and baths done, and she takes full advantage of all the fun play areas, and pools, and thank you to all of you who throw the ball for her 🙂 She loves the exercise. We brag on Atlanta Dog Spa all the time because all the staff are so so helpful, professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. I always feel secure knowing that she is at Atlanta Dog Spa having a healthy safe day of fun. Thanks so much for all that you guys do! Your the best !!!!

Mocha, Gina & Brian

Dear Boomer -

Thank you so much for inspiring your cool Mom Sarah to open the Atlanta Dog Spa. I have been coming to "the spa" about twice a week for two years and then occasionally for weekend spa treatments. When I arrive in the morning, I usually flop on my back to receive a belly rub from Stephanie and then jump up to give Jorge kisses and hugs before heading back to the big dog play yard to greet my friends. One of my favorite activities is in the summer when I get to chase the water coming out of the water hose to cool off. My parents laugh at me when I do this at home so it is nice to be in a place where I am appreciated for just being me. I love the Atlanta Dog Spa and their amazing team and would encourage the parents of my K-9 friends to bring their furry children here because it is the best!!

Woof Woof,
Ruby Klein-Baer


Boomer's Birthday will go down in history as one of the most brilliant fundraisers of all time. Your creativity coupled with your enthusiasm to give your clients "the best" appreciation party will not be forgotten. Thank you for helping me solicit funds for Homeless Pets. You are a talented lady! I am happy our paths have crossed. Thanks for being such a great friend.

Happy Birthday Boomer!


P.S. Duchess is Exhausted!

Madison, my 22 month old lab has been an Atlanta Dog Spa pup since she was 3 months old. Madison joins her friends for a full day of play 5 days a week and occasionally gets to have slumber parties with her buds. Madison bounds out of the car every morning and can't wait to greet all of her canine friends, as well as all of the great staff at Atlanta Dog Spa with a big kiss and a full 'waggle wiggle'. In the evening, Madison hustles to the car and crashes in the back seat before we even get out of the Atlanta Dog Spa parking lot. If you are looking for a great place for your beloved pet, Atlanta Dog Spa is the place. Don't bother with one of those 'chain' day-care places...don't think you can get the same personalized care and attention.

Cindy Bilbo

Sasha and Boomer love coming here for doggy daycare. The minute we pull in the driveway their tales start wagging. Everyone on the staff is so loving and kind to them, you can tell they are all "doggy" people. We wouldn't trust anyone else with our babies for daycare or boarding. At ADS we know they're happy and safe and we enjoy being able to watch them play on the live doggy cam.

...I Love coming to the Dog Spa - It's my home away from home. Everyday is fun-filled and action packed... My Favorite activities are running, relaxing in the lounge, and playing with my buddies Cinder, Madison, Brinkley and Shiloh.

...My Mom knows I am Crazy about the Dog Spa since I hop in her lap as we pull into the parking lot when we come in the morning. I use every trick in the book to be one of the last dogs to leave at night.

...On a rating scale I give the Dog Spa 4 out of 4 Biscuits!

Woof Woof,
Riley Riddle