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Atlanta dog daycare and boarding

I love working here because it’s a very friendly environment between the staff, dogs and clientele. It’s always a pleasure coming to work because I enjoy being able to care and play with the dogs. We work as a team and together as a team we make sure everything is for the best for each and every person and pup that walks and runs through our doors.

Dog Handler and Weekend Caretaker

Atlanta dog handler

My whole life I have been fur baby lover. Working at the spa is such a wonderful thing because I am around all different personalities. I love spending my days with these precious babies. To me these are not just dogs, they are my babies and I enjoy working with the staff we have. Here, we all take pride in this job because when you drop off your babies to me, they become my babies.

Master Dog Trainer/Manager of the Dog Handlers/Bilingual in 4 languages

Master dog trainer at Atlanta Dog Spa

Almost all my life I was surrounded by animals. I grew up with dogs, cats, birds, etc, and it made me want to study Veterinary Science and raise labs in my country, Peru. Now I have the opportunity to work with dogs: actually, it is not like you are working, because you like what you do. The dogs are amazing and every time that you see their faces, you can tell if they are happy, sad, or in pain; if you learn how to read that you could be the next Cesar. I’m very happy that I can work here with them, and the excellent people around.

Dog Handler

Atlanta dog daycare dog handler

I love being able to work with dogs. It is very therapeutic and it is fun getting to find out all the quirks and personalities of the fur babies.


I work at the Atlanta Dog Spa because of our warm and loving environment that is truly unique. I love being with other people’s dogs and getting to know them on a very personal level. I love how our staff works together to bring the best possible experience for any dog, regardless of their age, size, physical capability, or activity level. Plus, my dog Lucky loves it here with all his heart. Every dog is different but we try our best to cater to each of our family members.


I have always had a dog and being able to come here and spend time with so many others is such a fun job. I am happy to be here for them, keeping them company and keeping them happy and active!


Canine Stylist/Dog Grooming/Creative Grooming Design

Atlanta dog groomer

My name is Anais Hayden, my business name is Dog Grooming by Anais. Prior to joining Atlanta Dog Spa I worked at Klippers Pet Grooming in Columbus, GA. I worked under owner Dawn Omboy. Dawn is a National Certified Master Groomer/Creative Groomer also known as The Queen of Color. I started working at Klippers in 2003 when I was 15 years old. Dawn being an icon in the grooming industry became my mentor and grooming instructor. I worked after school, weekends and during the summer. While working there I learned a lot about Creative Grooming and was immediately taken by the beauty and art of the grooming style.

I have always had a love for art and animals, especially dogs ever since I was 2 years old. My favorite hobby growing up has always been drawing and I was strongly encouraged by my grandmother who would supply me with boxes of paper and supplies. I took an art class every year while in school and was always one of the top in my class. In 2003 while a freshmen at Spencer High School I was featured in 37th Edition of Who’s Who Among American High School Students for my artistic achievements. In 2007 I received a partial art scholarship to Andrew College. In 2009 I received my Dog Grooming Certification from Penn Foster College.

In January 2011 I received a certification from Nash Academy of Animal Arts for completing the Expressions & Profiles: Long Legged Terrier Online Course. In March 2011 I competed for the first time in the Atlanta Pet Fair with my Powderpuff Chinese Crested name Swinger. I won second place and $300 in the Open Division Creative Grooming Competition. I continued to work for Dawn Omboy until November 2011. I am currently working as an Independent Dog Groomer at the Atlanta Dog Spa in Atlanta, GA. I will always be thankful to have been trained by the best as I continue to pursue my career in dog grooming.

Services Provided:

  • Dog Grooming
  • Dog Bathing
  • Creative Grooming
  • Hand Stenciling
  • De-Matting
  • Nail Painting/Art
  • Furminator/De-Shedding
  • Nail Dremmeling & Trimming