Cute Dog Adoption Story

Once an Abandoned Dog, Cadi Finds her Forever Home

April 10th was a regular day at the Atlanta Dog Spa in West Midtown, dogs of all sizes and ages being brought in for boarding, grooming and dog daycare.  A sweet girl named Cadi was among those that was brought in for what was supposed to be several days of boarding.  Instead, it turns out she was actually being abandoned at the dog spa.

Cadi was an Abandoned Dog

After trying to contact Cadi’s owner, we received a text asking us to rehome her.  That’s not a part of what we do at the spa, but we knew we needed to help Cadi.  She wasn’t at fault.

It certainly didn’t take long for Cadi to steal our hearts.  She is so sweet and loves to play fetch.  We were afraid to take her to the shelter, for fear she would get lost in the shuffle.  Fulton County Animal Services takes in 40-60 dogs every day, abandoned dogs and strays alike.  Local rescues also work hard also finding their animals forever homes and their volunteers spend countless hours helping them.

Cute Abandoned Dog

Spotlight on Cadi

We didn’t think it was fair to Cadi not to try our best to find her a new home.  We contacted Atlanta CBS46 in hopes of someone seeing her story and falling in love with her as much as we had.  Cadi really did deserve to find a loving forever home.

On May 15th, CBS46 came out to the Atlanta Dog Spa to see Cadi and tell her story to their viewers.  After that, it was a matter of waiting for the phone to ring. Hoping someone would come forward.

Long Road Home

Kristiana Long just happened to be in Atlanta on business and saw Cadi’s story.  She headed back home to Arkansas but couldn’t get Cadi out of her mind and thought that she was meant to be with her family.

The Long family, which includes four children and three dogs (now 4!), left Arkansas at 5 AM and drove 10 hours to the Atlanta Dog Spa to adopt Cadi! It is a PERFECT match.  During that first meet, Cadi played fetch with the kids and showered them with puppy smooches.

Cadi finds a forever home

CBS46 told you about Cadi last week. She had been dropped off at the Atlanta Dog Spa and the owner never showed up to take her back home.

Cadi has a Loving Forever Home

After the 10-hour drive back home, the Longs report that Cadi has settled into her new home and is doing well.  She gets to play with the kids and her dog siblings every.  They are all getting along great.  Each day is filled with lots of time to play fetch and get rewarded with lots of treats. Cadi in exchange showers them with her famous puppy smooches!

Cute abandoned dog now in Forever Home

The Atlanta Dog Spa wants to thank CBS46 for putting the spotlight on Cadi’s story and to the Longs for adopting her into such a loving forever home!

There are thousands of animals any given day across Metro Atlanta’s shelters and rescues looking for forever homes.  Please consider adopting or volunteering for your local rescue.