The Importance of Choosing a Doggy Daycare Setting With a Grass Area

contributed by reader, Emma Denton

Choosing a daycare or boarding facility for your four legged friend is a huge decision. It’s important to choose an environment that both you and your doggy are comfortable with, one with fantastic facilities and friendly staff who truly care about the health and wellbeing of the dogs in their care. Most doggy parents know the basics of choosing a good daycare facility: that it’s important to choose a daycare facility that has indoor and outdoor space so that their canine companions can get a little exercise whilst having somewhere cool and covered to rest during the heat of the day. That their pet needs to have had all their vaccinations, and have a good level of insurance coverage before they enter the facility. And that daycare is a wonderful way for dogs to meet other dogs and learn to socialize. What many people aren’t aware of though is the importance of choosing a care facility for your pet that comes equipped with its own separate grassy area. There are many reasons why choosing a daycare setting with a grass area is important. Here are just some of them:

Choose a Facility with All Natural Grass

An article in Pet Boarding and Daycare Magazine discussed the benefits of artificial grass for pets in a daycare setting. Those benefits included the fact that the dogs would be unable to get dirty by rolling in mud and that the lawn or other grassy area would always look lush and green. These two relatively minor benefits though are far outweighed by the benefits that playing on all natural grass has for dogs. Natural grass is soft and cushioned, meaning it’s perfectly soft on your pet’s paws and will reduce any stress on their joints and bones: particularly important if you have an elderly dog who suffers from arthritis, and considerably reducing the likelihood of having to take your four legged pal to visit the vet due to a play-related incident. Natural grass is also a much more pleasant texture for dogs to play on, meaning that your pet will be happier and more satisfied if they are left in a natural grass setting. The Atlanta Dog Spa has over 10,000 square feet of indoor & outdoor play space, complete with separate play yards for small, medium and large dogs so that they won’t feel intimidated being in the same play area as larger or smaller dogs.

Grassy Outdoor Spaces Are Perfect Places to Play                           

The main goal of leaving your pet in a luxury daycare facility is for them to have fun, learn to socialize with other dogs, and exert all of their energy before they return home to mom and dad. A natural grass area is integral to their ability to exert this energy and socialize with other dogs, because it provides the perfect environment for safe and controlled play. Some daycare facilities have no grassy space at all, choosing to have easy to maintain yards instead. However, in comparison to an outdoor grassy space, a yard would be severely detrimental to a dogs ability to enjoy their all important play time. Similarly, AstroTurf or synthetic grass would also hinder the ability for a dog to enjoy their time in the facility to its very fullest. Anyone who has played football or soccer will tell you that rough and tumble on AstroTurf or other synthetic grass hurts considerably more than rough play on natural grass, making this the only option available for daycare facilities such as our own that have the best interests of the dogs in our care at heart. Because most dogs like to be outside no matter what the weather, the pay off for this is that sometimes the outdoor grass areas can look a little muddy or threadbare: particularly when some of our more enthusiastic four legged visitors choose to spend their time rolling and digging! But looking great is and should always be secondary to the enjoyment the doggies and daycare are getting from the facilities available at the spa.

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How to decide the BEST Daycare & Boarding for your Dog

As a pet parent I have always wanted to find a place where my beagles can thrive, be loved and have outdoor access to potty.  Most places in Atlanta do not have outdoor areas because of zoning. And if they do have an outdoor area, it is a very tiny slab of concrete.

Atlanta Dog Spa is the only place in the city that offers real grass for your dog.

Why is this important?

1) Most dogs are trained to use the bathroom outside. An indoor daycare can curb previous potty training.

2) Dogs’ feet & pads are sensitive. Natural grass provides comfort when they are walking, running or just rolling around outdoors.

As a pet parent I also must trust the facility & staff who take care of my beagles. Therefore, I feel that having webcams is a nice amenity, along with the ability to have a constant connection with the staff via phone and email.

Why is this important?

1) There are some dog places in Atlanta that have a single webcam in one play room.

2) Atlanta Dog Spa has 13 high definition cameras that are also infrared so you can see your pup sleeping at night. We also have our handlers who let the boarding dogs outside at night for potty breaks so parents can see them at night on the weekends.

3) ADS also offers the O-Doggy mobile ap so parents can watch their pups playing, watching movies or sleeping from the touch of their phones. I have seen my beagles from over 17 countries and 6 continents–it is truly amazing.

Trust in the facility where your canine baby is staying:

1) I like the fact that I can call or email Atlanta Dog Spa anytime to check on my dogs and the front office actually gets the handler on the phone or speaks with the handler to ask them specifics and reports back to me detailed information on their activity, feedings, medications and any new friends they have made. I love seeing all of the Facebook photos too.

2) Atlanta Dog Spa is open 365 days a year, even on holidays, snow or ice storms. That provides piece of mind like no other when it comes to our canine kids.


QUALITY and VALUE are two key elements when making decisions. I truly believe that Atlanta Dog Spa exceeds both equally.

I can’t imagine leaving my dogs anywhere else and I think our clients will agree 100% that ADS is the BEST Daycare & Boarding for your dog.blogphotooutdoordaycare doggywooddaycareblogphoto

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Dog & Groomer Relationships

roryblogphotoYour Dog and your Groomer–A Note from Anais our amazing & talented canine stylist:
As you may know, grooming is a very important part of your dogs life. The relationship they have with their  groomer is important as well as the relationship they have with you as their pet parent.
We as groomers are here to inform you on your dog’s grooming visit for their well being and protection. We get to know your dog over the years so we are familiar with their personality and traits. We may find unusual changes in their behavior, skin and body physic during their grooming visit that we can be able to inform you about.
Grooming instructions are not always the only thing you can discuss with us. You may want us to watch out for them more carefully if they have recently had surgery, old age, in training or simply because they are recently behaving strangely; Afterall every dog does have it’s day.  
Getting to even know us better may also place your mind at ease. Knowing credentials and experience as well as our pets makes the relationship more comfortable.  A direct phone number or email address can help with a needed status update on your dog during their visit; whether that may be a picture or simply a quick call to check on them.
Knowing your dog is being taken care of by someone else when you are out of they’re reach is always important. You should never hesitate to want to learn more about their extended caregivers. 
Grooming is a necessity to your dogs health, coat and skin care and will be a very active part in their lives.  Get to know and understand that part by asking any or whatever questions, comments or concerns you may have.  We Groomers are here to serve your dogs grooming aspects as well as provide you with any help that we may be able to oblige during their monthly visits to us.
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Conditioner and your Dog’s Coat

Conditioner is a hair care product that changes the texture and appearance of your dogs hair. After your dogs hair is shampooed it is then followed by Conditioner. 
Conditioner is different from creme rinse. A creme rinse is simply a detangler and, as its name implies, has a thinner consistency than conditioner.  Conditioner is a thicker substance which coats the cuticle of the hair itself.
There are several types of hair conditioner ingredients, differing in composition and functionality but the most important key ingredient is
Moisturizer. It’s role is to hold moisture in the hair, their role is supposedly to penetrate the hair and strengthen its structure.
Conditioner can leave your dogs coat shiny and with a long coat; bouncy. Conditioner contains a lot of oils so it can easily pick up dirt and build- up so it is important to have your dog bathed on a regular basis to help level out this process.
Atlanta Dog Spa uses and recommends the Espree Rainforest Conditioner as well as the Nourish Conditioner from the Lavish Spa line. We also use the Furminator Conditioner and it is really great for dogs who have undercoats.Mia Zelmatforblog
For a complimentary consultation on your pup’s coat, please contact us 404~879~1600. Our groomer can recommend the best conditioner
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